Archive for October 17th, 2007

This morning all of the foreigners, German, Polish, Italian, and American, seemed to agree on one thing…..COFFEE! When we all decided that having a coffee break in the morning is a glorious idea, we noticed that our one local Chinese colleague wasn’t as gungho or enthusiastic as we all were (maybe about the break but not the actual coffee). The Chinese haven’t gotten into the coffee thing yet, however being here you can see that the coffee addiction is definitely growing at a rapid pace. Coffee shops and springing up everywhere. I will actually take a bet that my Chinese colleague will get into coffee if we continue this coffee break trend. Even me, I didn’t drink coffee til about a year ago when I first started working. It gave me a jump start at work. Now, sometimes I definitely crave it!

Today my colleagues and I were talking about long distance relationships and how they even work. We all had different views and preferences when it came to relationships in general. Some liked a more intimate and close relationship when that significant other is always around you doing the same things. While opposite to that, others prefer someone who isn’t so (the infamous relationship word) “clingy” but need their space. Everyone usually is somewhere in the middle of this spectrum just like me. I lean more towards someone who likes to be close to me most of the time during the week but then gives me my space occasionally. My boss seems to enjoy his space and therefore prefers his long distance relationship where he only sees his girlfriend several times a year. All I can say is that after discussing the topic with my colleagues who have vastly different relationship preferences, I understand why opposites attract sometimes. Sometimes opposites can stir up new revelations of oneself and build a lasting relationship.