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In my opinion, you can find the best chocolate cake in the world in the “Cafe Bros”. The owner is Korean, you can find the cafe near Wudaokou Subway Station. Just walk about 500 m into west direction towards Beijing University at Chengfu Lu, you find it at the left side (and no, I do not get any money for this post)


五道口华清商务会馆底商 E 号 ,

Tel. 82863198

chocolate cake in Chinese: 巧克力蛋糕 “qiaokeli dangao”.

Here is a link to a comment about one of my experiences, I had at Tiananmen Square.

I have spent a lot of time in China already and really want to give my friends and relatives, who visit me a “real” China experience and show them different aspects of China – the history,the culture, today’s life …

But when you visit the typical tourist places, there is no way escaping these typical experiences like the art exhibition – I could add the sellers of fake Olympic games souvenirs at the Temple of Heaven or taxi drivers who want to overcharge you at Beihai Park or the Summer Palace.

The Olympic development in Beijing may be about to face its toughest challenge yet. Sun Ruoyu, a 55 year old bakery owner in Qianmen District is refusing to move out of her home to make way for a ‘beautification’ project.


Her home and business is now the only building left on what used to be a busy row of shops. All the others have been demolished and replaced with new grass lawns and saplings. The bakery opened by Sun’s family in the 1840’s and has been on Beijing’s demolition list since Monday 6th August.

A bulldozer arrived at Sun’s house on Wednesday 8th August; however, Sun resisted the demolition by climbing onto the vehicle and shouting at the driver. The family has been offered about 1.6 million RMB (approx US$ 200,000). Sun claims that this is not enough and has refused the offer. With such a low offer Sun claims that she won’t be able to afford to buy an apartment in Qianmen District after it is redeveloped to what is sure to become one of Beijing’s priciest neighbourhoods.

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With the presentation of the new “R-Class” (Rickshaw-Class), the first car produced by Daimler exclusively for the Chinese market, the famous company wants to conquer the Chinese automobile market. The new R-Class unites western know-how with traditional Chinese automobile manufacturing.

The R-Class caused a new China euphoria in the management of the company:

With the new r-class we will conquer the Chinese market by storm. Our designers created a real Chinese Mercedes for the people, which opens a completely new clientele in the Middle Kingdom”.
Unknown manager of the Daimler AG

But recently a reporter managed to take this picture of a first copy of the R-Class in China.

Detectives found out, that a company just around the corner produced this copy. Most of the workers of the join-venture actually spent their day shift in the joint venture and their night shift in the company of a certain Mister Wang. Breakfast and dinner are paid by the joint-venture. Like this, the counterfeiter around the corner can safe a lot of costs and can offer the copy of the R-Class with a cheaper price.

We could reach this certain Mr. Wang for a statement:
“We do not copy any product. Our car is made in China. The quality and the price are Chinese.”

The manager of the joint-venture, also a certain Mr. Wang does not intend to take any legal steps against the product counterfeiters:

“This is China. Chinese companies learn fast. The only way to beat those companies is to improve our own product. We already started working on an improved R-Class-2.