China Politics

It seems, that at least in Beijing, it is not so easy anymore to extend your F-Visa. Until now, it was never a problem to extend it for another 6 month, now a few people I know had problems even getting a 3 month extension.

Probably, teh guidelines changed, because the Chinese government wants more control because of the Olympic Games next year or maybe more control over foreigner coming to China with an F-Visa and working here without a proper working permission.

At the moment, the 6 parties talks in China are an important topic. Last month, China announced, that it will not participate in the control of this embargo concerning shipping traffic. I guess, Kim Jong-il wont have any problems in the future to import luxuries for his personal use.

A dictator with overweight in a country with starving people.

Many small businesses and individuals who want to start a company where caught on the wrong foot in June 2006. There is a new regulation, that new enterprises can only register in authorized office buildings. One of our partner companies just registered in time and now have their office in a nice traditional courtyard in Beijing – for other start-ups in China it will be more difficult to find a cheap office now, because with this new regulation, they can not register in private apartments anymore.

It is really important in China to keep track on future changes of the law and regulations.