Archive for October 29th, 2007

I actually spent Friday afternoon at the airport, lots of delays or cancelled flights because of the fog there. I bought a book “Mao, Man not God” at the airport and spent a nice afternoon and/or evening waiting for my plane.

It was not really chaos, altough it was a little bit more crowded than usual. The staff managed to stay calm and nice and I had some nice experience:

1) Funny experience
Two nice employees had some fun. They tried to explain me something in English but realized after a few minutes, that I asked the question in Chinese.

2) I learned the following new Chinese words
雾气 = wuqi = fog
大雾 = dawu = dense fog
没有登机口 没有时间 = Mei you dengjikou mei you shijian = No gate and no time.3) Experience
Next time, I know, where I can change my flight ticket at the airport.

4) Happy return to my apartment
When I returned to my apartment at 22.00, the electricity worked again (it had stopped working just before I wanted to leave in the morning)

Friday the weather was really bad… there was such a dense fog that you couldn’t see much! Apparently the visibility in the city was less than 200 meters. The airport and major highways leading to the city were closed. When breathing one felt like if there was dust coming in your mouth and nose because of the high levels of pollution…That day me and my colleague had a day off so we decided to go to the Silk and Ya Show market for a few bargains, breathing instead, ‘hot air’ from the vendors and other costumers!