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I was at the Pearl Market yesterday and I really didn’t want to stay long. I just wanted to get a laptop bag and a pair of cheap stylish sneakers. Anyways bargaining from the seller’s very expensive “original” price to a decent price that I want to pay takes a long time sometimes; very grueling too, takes a lot out of you. Basically I got home later than planned because of bargaining. Bargaining is great because you get a cheap price, but geez, if you can’t take my price than let me leave, i hate the back and forth bargaining. The seller was actually playing tug of war w/ my shirt, not

Today at lunch I learned very interesting thing from my chinese officemate. I heard that while having tea in China you should never put the kettel on a table in a way that the spout is pointing towards someone.

In chinese tradition it is considered as very impolite behaviour, espacially by the elderly people. Although the younger generation seems not to care about this custom any longer.