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Several weeks ago an earthquake in Taiwan, occurring on December 26th, destroyed underwater telecommunication cables, severely crippling the internet connection from China to other countries. Consequently accessing foreign websites has been extremely difficult over the past few weeks.

The cables were repaired over the weekend and one can really feel that the speed is back to normal. According to China Telecom most of the damages have been dealt with. China Netcom seconded this statement, assuring that notably the connection to North America has been fully restored.

News from the blogger community. A German blogger was sued in China and has to appear before a Chinese court. The summons was served by a German bailiff…German website: Autoblogger vor chinesisches Gericht geladen

There is a nice possibility of being reachable in China via phone.

It really got on my nerves, that my clients could not reach me via phone when I was travelling in China. Now I finally have a skype-in number. The client just pays the normal fee for calls within Germany and is being redirected to my skype account.

If I am using the computer, I can just receive this call via skype – if not, it is redirected to my mobile phone in China (or Korea).

It just cost 4 cent per minute and no additional fee for the client. Soon I will be in China again – I am very curious about the quality of the connection.