So I just recently saw the Beijing Acrobatics Show and Kung Fu Show, both really amazing. I personally liked the Acrobatics better just because it was more entertaining and I understand how hard some of the moves they do really are. The Kung Fu was more of a dance performance or musical story.

Anyways, these people perform things that you literally must see to believe. I’m sure I could describe it to you, but its just not as exciting as when you are there witnessing 15 people on one bike!!! My friend said throughout the entire show I looked like a 5 year old at a candy store, pure amazement was glued on my face and I was actually sitting on the edge of my seat. I don’t want to sound like I work as a spokesperson for them, but for 110 rmb a ticket, it’s definitely worth it. 1.5 hours of pure entertainment. PLus they sell beer 🙂 at the concession store in the Chaoyang theater.

So the evening started off with a great show and a tipsy Eric. The rest of the night included delicious Japanese food, delicious Japanese sake, and me trying to eat as much wasabi as possible. I didn’t get far since my mouth was on fire from the first big bite of it.

I definitely recommend the shows, so if anyone wants the phone number of the guy that I used, Paul, let me know, I can pass it along. Tickets normally start at 180 rm, so he gives you a very discounted price. 😉