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It has a new interface for admin panel and I think it’ll take sometime before I get used to it. The upgrate-function of wordpress is great, one click and its done if you dont make any manual changes.

We postponed this for some time, but now I also upgrated the theme of wordpress and its finally possible to handle widgets in the sidebar.

Recently there were some updates on the agenda: typo3 has a new version with a lot of improved features, phpBB3 had to be updated, dolphin and of course wordpress. The wordpress update is finished now and I have to admit that it will take some time to get used to the new backend. But in general it feels looks like a big improvement.

Typo3 is a bit annoying because you often have to update the extensions and sometimes change the extension-templates after updates. Fortunatly we did not too many changes in the source-code.

In Beijing you can find countdowns for the start of the Olympics 2008 everywhere. Some of them only display the days, most of them are accurate to the second. The unit I am living in also has a countdown but they update i every day manually. Every morning they exchange the numbers (except of the weekend). Since a few days, this countdown is wrong.

Chinese New Year – Part II.


Beijing really gone crazy – unbelievable


Beijing welcomes the Year of the Rat! Enjoy this video taken in Beijng.

Beijing traffic is ridiculous!! It’s a good thing more subway lines are being built because it would be great to relieve SOME of the traffic jams. Even out of the rush hour time period there’s traffic. Yesterday I was in a taxi and it took him 6 light changes to finally get past the intersection. I’m from New York so I understand there can be traffic, but this is out of hand. New York there are other routes to take but here there isn’t, so you have to wait.

Basically I sat through traffic, moving inches, light after light, before I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw my less-than-what-the-meter said-fare at the cab driver and ran to the closest subway station. Only to be pushed and shoved onto and out of the subway cart. Exhausted and frustrated I arrived very late for my meeting. Good thing everyone else was too.

So the football season is coming to a close and everyone knows what that means…..SUPERBOWL!!! Yes, I’m from the US, but I can’t help it, football is great. It’s actually the only sport I watch. Actually Super Bowl is great. I love the spirit of Super Bowl. I love the comrodity, the gathering of friends or family, the competing with friends or family, the shouting, the screaming, the physicalness, the brand new hilarious commercials, and of course, the loads of food and beer devoured throughout the entire game.

If you haven’t been part of a Super Bowl party, you’re definitely missing out. Even if you don’t understand the game, it’s great. Men and women shouting at the TV screen with buffalo wing sauce covering their painted faces or bright colored football jerseys, beer spilling every time there’s a good or bad play. It really is a sight to see….

So anyways, it’s Super Bowl XLII, Super Bowl 42. And while writing this blog, the New York (my home state) Giants has just sealed the deal for the Super Bowl. February 3rd New England Patriots vs New York Giants. I’m just hoping there will be a bar here in Beijing that plays it.

I’m really looking forward to this game and even the commercials, another favorite part of Super Bowl. So lets drink some beers, eat some wings, and shout like mad men this February 3rd. LET’S GO GIANTSSSSS!!!!

So I just recently saw the Beijing Acrobatics Show and Kung Fu Show, both really amazing. I personally liked the Acrobatics better just because it was more entertaining and I understand how hard some of the moves they do really are. The Kung Fu was more of a dance performance or musical story.

Anyways, these people perform things that you literally must see to believe. I’m sure I could describe it to you, but its just not as exciting as when you are there witnessing 15 people on one bike!!! My friend said throughout the entire show I looked like a 5 year old at a candy store, pure amazement was glued on my face and I was actually sitting on the edge of my seat. I don’t want to sound like I work as a spokesperson for them, but for 110 rmb a ticket, it’s definitely worth it. 1.5 hours of pure entertainment. PLus they sell beer 🙂 at the concession store in the Chaoyang theater.

So the evening started off with a great show and a tipsy Eric. The rest of the night included delicious Japanese food, delicious Japanese sake, and me trying to eat as much wasabi as possible. I didn’t get far since my mouth was on fire from the first big bite of it.

I definitely recommend the shows, so if anyone wants the phone number of the guy that I used, Paul, let me know, I can pass it along. Tickets normally start at 180 rm, so he gives you a very discounted price. 😉

Crowded subways, McDonald’s, meat sticks, the forbidden city plus the movie “Warrier” – available as DVD one week after its release.

A Taste of Beijing.

Some clips of the China Orbit team in Beijing. Shows you a little bit of daily Beijing life. Enjoy!


I saw the hugely anticipated movie The Warlords on Sunday. It was all in Chinese with only Chinese Subtitles. I couldn’t find any theater in Beijing that showed The Warlords with English subtitles. There is ONE theater for expats that show Chinese movies with English subtitles however I just found out it is closed for renovations until January 2008, great…So I decided to watch the movie anyways, I was with my Chinese friend who could translate any of the necessary conversions to inform me of what the hell is going on. Plus it’s an action/war movie, how hard could it be to understand, one guy is mad at another guy so they’ll fight. Pretty simple.

So the movie was really good even though I only understood 5% of it. Action scenes were intense and well choreographed, and Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro were all good actors. I definitely recommend this flick, “a very man movie”, as my Chinese friend says.

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