Now this tribute to hoops is probably not what you’re thinking of. This tribute to hoops is not for basketball, its not for the Olympic Games, its not even for the hoolihoop. It’s for hoop earrings and all those beauuuutiful girls that wear them. Why oh why do us men love them sooooo much? They attract almost as much attention as the female’s god-gifted breasticles and apple bottom, I said almost. There’s just something about them…they way they hang, the way they sway and bounce when women walk the way they do, the attitude they project, the swagger they bring, the raw sexiness they exude, the way they make women look so put together you understand and believe that yes! there is a god. And the simplicity of it all is even more astonishing. Hoops. A pair of large earrings shaped in a round circle that dangle, usually made of silver. It’s just that simple ladies. These little things can make a man do crazy things. They make us men buy you drinks, dance like a fool, pay for dinner and a movie, and even take you back home sometimes. So women all around the world, please keep on wearing those dangly earrings. I as well as every other heterosexual male bow down to you and them. Keep looking sexy, keep moving that body, and keep breaking our hearts. We love it too much.