Acid is falling and I’m not talking about the trippy kind, that kind might actually be better. This morning it was raining, the first time it has rained since I’ve been here in Beijing. No umbrella. And I couldn’t help but wonder if this is acid rain that is falling on me, the infamous acid rain I heard third world countries experience. It looks and feels like normal rain but I’m sure it is eating up my clothes. I wondered if I’d end up making it to work naked. “That damn acid rain!” I’d tell my boss, dripping and disheveled.

But it wasn’t too bad, I made to work. And my clothes….yeah they made it to work as well. I found out that 80% of the rainfall here in Beijing is acid rain. So I could make a mighty fine guess and say, yeah, that was acid rain on me and yeah I’ll tell you if my skin is peeling off tomorrow.

One more thing, I’m now going to invest in an industrial sized umbrella preferably made of steel soon. I think it’s worth it.