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This morning all of the foreigners, German, Polish, Italian, and American, seemed to agree on one thing…..COFFEE! When we all decided that having a coffee break in the morning is a glorious idea, we noticed that our one local Chinese colleague wasn’t as gungho or enthusiastic as we all were (maybe about the break but not the actual coffee). The Chinese haven’t gotten into the coffee thing yet, however being here you can see that the coffee addiction is definitely growing at a rapid pace. Coffee shops and springing up everywhere. I will actually take a bet that my Chinese colleague will get into coffee if we continue this coffee break trend. Even me, I didn’t drink coffee til about a year ago when I first started working. It gave me a jump start at work. Now, sometimes I definitely crave it!

Today my colleagues and I were talking about long distance relationships and how they even work. We all had different views and preferences when it came to relationships in general. Some liked a more intimate and close relationship when that significant other is always around you doing the same things. While opposite to that, others prefer someone who isn’t so (the infamous relationship word) “clingy” but need their space. Everyone usually is somewhere in the middle of this spectrum just like me. I lean more towards someone who likes to be close to me most of the time during the week but then gives me my space occasionally. My boss seems to enjoy his space and therefore prefers his long distance relationship where he only sees his girlfriend several times a year. All I can say is that after discussing the topic with my colleagues who have vastly different relationship preferences, I understand why opposites attract sometimes. Sometimes opposites can stir up new revelations of oneself and build a lasting relationship.

I didn’t suppouse that the wheather in Beijing would be so nice in October. Especially after a couple of rainy days just after my arrival here. I went to the silk market last week to buy some warm jacket but now I feel like going there again and purchase some stylish sandals..

I was at the Pearl Market yesterday and I really didn’t want to stay long. I just wanted to get a laptop bag and a pair of cheap stylish sneakers. Anyways bargaining from the seller’s very expensive “original” price to a decent price that I want to pay takes a long time sometimes; very grueling too, takes a lot out of you. Basically I got home later than planned because of bargaining. Bargaining is great because you get a cheap price, but geez, if you can’t take my price than let me leave, i hate the back and forth bargaining. The seller was actually playing tug of war w/ my shirt, not

Today at lunch I learned very interesting thing from my chinese officemate. I heard that while having tea in China you should never put the kettel on a table in a way that the spout is pointing towards someone.

In chinese tradition it is considered as very impolite behaviour, espacially by the elderly people. Although the younger generation seems not to care about this custom any longer.

One week before the national holidays in China tickets to Germany where quite expensive, probably around 1500 Euro for a flight from Beijing-Frankfurt during the holidays.

For the next Christmas holiday period I booked my flight now already and only had to pay about 320 Euro without tax (I think, including tax the ticket will cost around 400 Euro).

My accountant called the travel agency twice just to make sure that it is really a round-trip, not a single-flight.

Yesterday I was happy to hear that a hair salon close to where I live in Dongchemen has massage as well. I heard it is only 40 yuan for a 45 minute massage and 60 yuan for a haircut and massage. Sounds really good to me, especially right now after drinking last night. It’s going to be great after a workout too, can’t wait.

There are a few new changes in the Beijing subway. I’m posting this to let everyone know what the two updates are. Good news is both changes are positive. First is the new subway line 5 which is a north to south line crossing through Yonghegong line 2 and Dongdan line 1 and then Chongwemen on line 2 again. This is great and traveling to other places can now be easier and faster. This line is also suppose to have new lcd screen inside the train cars and mobile phone service which is amazing! Now I can finally talk on the subway ride, although I believe it’s only on this 5 line. I wish this service could be available on all of the lines. Maybe soon? The other change is that subway fares are only 2 yuan now instead of 3. Hey saving 1 yuan per trip will add up. As Buddha said “even tiny drops of water in the end will fill a huge vessel”. Hopefully this change won’t increase the already congested subway cars.

Free Burma!