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With the presentation of the new “R-Class” (Rickshaw-Class), the first car produced by Daimler exclusively for the Chinese market, the famous company wants to conquer the Chinese automobile market. The new R-Class unites western know-how with traditional Chinese automobile manufacturing.

The R-Class caused a new China euphoria in the management of the company:

With the new r-class we will conquer the Chinese market by storm. Our designers created a real Chinese Mercedes for the people, which opens a completely new clientele in the Middle Kingdom”.
Unknown manager of the Daimler AG

But recently a reporter managed to take this picture of a first copy of the R-Class in China.

Detectives found out, that a company just around the corner produced this copy. Most of the workers of the join-venture actually spent their day shift in the joint venture and their night shift in the company of a certain Mister Wang. Breakfast and dinner are paid by the joint-venture. Like this, the counterfeiter around the corner can safe a lot of costs and can offer the copy of the R-Class with a cheaper price.

We could reach this certain Mr. Wang for a statement:
“We do not copy any product. Our car is made in China. The quality and the price are Chinese.”

The manager of the joint-venture, also a certain Mr. Wang does not intend to take any legal steps against the product counterfeiters:

“This is China. Chinese companies learn fast. The only way to beat those companies is to improve our own product. We already started working on an improved R-Class-2.