Last week, I visited the Tiananmen Square with a visitor I had from Germany. The result:

  1. I have two new best friends, who wanted to learn English and show us the city (refused of course)
  2. two Chinese girls, to whom I had to read a few English sentences to train their listening comprehension. They could not reply to any sentence: my comment: “没有通过” (you did not pass).
  3. one Chinese who wanted to take a picture of us with our camera
  4. a few tour guides who wanted to sell us trips to the Great Wall of China
  5. a guy who wanted to sell us his rickshaw (do you want to buy my rickshaw?)
  6. a few souvenir sellers
  7. at the end I was really a little disappointed but then, they finally came, the arts students who wanted to show us an arts exhibition because it was the last day of the exhibition.