Archive for March 5th, 2007

The Beiing Capital International Airport recenly opened an Olympics Channel at the immigration. Before, there was only one for Chinese, foreigners, diplomats and group visa.
If you are a foreigner but nobody is queueing up at the Channel for Chinese, you can often just go there to save some time. But the Olympics Channel is really exclusively reservered for the Olympics. Nobody there but still one Chinese immigration officer waiting there.
Lucky guy.

A client wanted to order a website design. I asked him about his ideas, if he had a company logo and I tried to get all the information I need to make the client happy.

Hm… he wanted me to create the website, another designer was already working on the logo. I should just leave some space on the website, so the other designer could just put the logo there. I even did not know, which color the logo should have.

That’s a way to create some corporate design – I really want to get to know this other graphic designer. If he really knows how to create a logo which fits into every website design, I will hire him immediatelly.