Normally, I do not take historical sensitivities of other countries so seriously, if they have nothing to do with events related to my country and if things happened ….lets say a few hundred years ago.

Since a few years, there has been a quarrel now between China and Korea. China claimed, that a few Koran kingdoms were under Chinese control. For example according to the Chinese, theKoguryo Kingdom started as Chinese minority. Also Japan is somehow “victim” the Chinese believe, that somehow they are the origin of all culture in Asia – Japanese civilization was founded by 1000 men and women sailing to Japan in order to find the pill of immortality.

The Center of China’s Borderland history was founded to examine Chinese border regions and to clarify their historical roots and historical affiliation – which actually means to prove, that this borderland once belonged to China or was under Chinese control.

The most recent cause of rage in Korea is the fact, that this “Center of China’s Borderland History now started to examine the Qing-Dynasty after this research center reached very China-frienldy results in previous research.
Okay, I knew those facts – no problem so far.

But I was very suprised, when a friend of mine was recently mentioned in Korean television news during prime time. Prof. Cheng Chongde (, from Renmin University and one of the most renowned experts on the Qing-Dynasty and part of the project to research Korean and Chinese history during the Qing-Dynasty.

I guess, I don’t have to mention, that this report in the Korean television station KBS was not … very complimentary for my friend.

Website of the Center of China’s Borderland history: