Archive for March 3rd, 2007

We recently registered a new domain for a Chinese language website. It is a new project and we do not exspect too many visitors at the beginning – so we decided to host it on a shared server with an american company.

After a while, we started to wonder, why we could not reach the domain from China. After a few tests, we found out, that the IP-address of this server is blocked from China, after we made a short server check, we actually found out, that a few websites with …hm…. with sexual content were also hosted on this server.

Again tried to safe money on the wrong place. I guess, we have to make a server change now.

Fortunately, it was no client’s website but an own project.

Recently, I received a phone call from a Chinese company, which wanted to sell ink for a printer. I have a laser printer and told the sales girl

– she could also sell me an inkjet printer, like this I could get their ink much cheaper than the normal market price

– – my laser printer is new and I do not need any ink or a new printer.

– an inkjet printer has lots of advantages

– – I really do not need anything

– she would like to talk to the boss of the IT-department

– – this is useless, If my company had an It-department, I would advise the boss of this department NOT to buy a printer

– some sounds I did not understand

– – I asked, if she could repeat the last sentence, i am a foreigner and this was too fast

– she did not believe me and said, I was from some province

– – no province, I am from Germany 德国 (Deguo)

– Germany is not a province – where is Germany

– – Western Europe

– no way, I must be from Guangzhou

– – how does she get this idea

– in Guangzhou, people aslo spoke in such a strange way

normally, I am quite happy, if a Chinese takes me for a Chinese, but this time, I was not really happy about it.